Wizkids Star Trek Attack Wing: Federation U.S.S. Enterprise Expansion Pack
Wizkids Star Trek Attack Wing: Federation U.S.S. Enterprise Expansion Pack

Star Trek Attack Wing: Federation U.S.S. Enterprise Expansion Pack

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Expand and Upgrade Your Star Trek Attack Wing Game!

Years after the five-year space exploration mission led by Captain James T. Kirk, the U.S.S. Enterprise was due for an upgrade. Will Decker, the newly assigned captain of the starship, watched over the completion of the refit. Kirk, now an admiral, took back command of the Enterprise to intercept the entity known as V'Ger. Decker remained as his Executive Officer and the heroic acts of the new crew saved Earth from a threat more powerful than humanity had ever faced.

The refitted Enterprise went on to see many adventures, including the defeat of Kirk's old nemesis, Khan, in a battle at the Mutara Nebula. The ship met its ultimate demise in 2286, when a self-destruct command was initiated Admiral Kirk as a last resort of overcome a Klingon attack.

1 U.S.S. Enterprise / Constitution Class Pre-painted Miniature
1 Plastic Base
2 Plastic Pegs
1 Ship Token
1 Maneuver Dial
5 Action Tokens
- 1 Evade Token
- 1 Scan Token
- 1 Battle Stations Token
- 1 Red Target Lock Token
- 1 Blue Target Lock Token

4 Shield Tokens
1 Critical Hit Token
1 Auxiliary Power Token
4 Disabled Upgrade Tokens
8 Captain ID Tokens
1 Admiral ID Token
1 Fleet Action Token
4 Effect Tokens
1 V'Ger Token
2 Ship Cards
- U.S.S. Enterprise
- Federation Starship

1 Maneuver Card
Constitution Class
3 Captain Cards
- Mr. Spock
- Will Decker
- Federation

1 Admiral Card
- James T. Kirk

10 Upgrade Cards
- Hikaru Sulu
- Ilia
- Leonard McCoy
- Montgomery Scott
- The Needs of the Many...
- Nyota Uhura
- Pavel Chekov
- Photon Torpedoes
- Saavik
- Self-Destruct Sequence

2 Mission Cards
- V'Ger: Mission Overview
- V'Ger: Special Rules

1 Additional Rules Card
- Fleet Action Token / Admiral ID Token / Admiral Cards

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