Brood Warband Starter
Brood Warband Starter

Brood Warband Starter

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In the murky swamps of the south the Brood Mere has spent centuries watching the development of her children- Now they find themselves at war, drawn into a conflict she has long planned but could never prepare for - The Creator Gods have returned, and they have come to bring death to her offspring- Already the Forked-Tongue river is choked with the corpses of her children and the Creator Gods alike, and yet there seems to be no end to the waves of invaders pouring in from the north- Ever adapting, however, the Brood Mere has seen the face of her gods, and with her children, she has renounced them- The Creator Gods seek only their death, and so they shall return the threat in kind- Box Includes 2 x Ratchet, 2 x Brood Hound, Mandible, 3 x Pud Comes with free unit cards and premium plastic bases- Item Weight - 0-54 lbs- SKU: ACDD3220

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